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CAR RAFFLE Winners Announced...
by posted 11/01/2017

Courtesy of Bobby Rahal Volvo Cars

Mars Area Soccer Club would like to thank everyone who supported the car raffle this year.  GREAT THANKS to Bobby Rahal Volvo/Cars for so generously donating such a beautiful and valuable car on behalf of community soccer families!  

Small games of chance & special raffle permits of PA prohibit any delays.  Despite near-freezing temperatures and constant drizzle, on Saturday 10/28/2017 immediately following InHouse program games, the raffle drawing commenced at MASC Fields.  Teams of U8 and U10 players coming off last games of the season were grouped together.  A soccer ball was pitched into the group.  Standing nearby were MASC board staff, Bobby Rahal management, parents and a crowd of onlookers.  Whichever player caught the ball was the player to draw a winning ticket.  This was done three times.  The tumbler full of ticket stubs was rolled forwards and backwards about 30x that morning, and rolled several times again before each player put their arm into the tumbler.  Players were instructed to look away from the tumbler while their arm was inside, encouraged to take their time sifting through tickets, but to only withdraw one ticket. 

The first pitch of the ball took players by surprise and as it came down, the tiniest U8 girl player easily caught the ball without a fight.  This player drew the winning ticket for the 2017 Volvo XC90 valued at $64,710.  The second player was the tallest player in the group and he reached into the air, catching the ball above everyone's heads.  He drew the ticket for 2nd Prize of $3000 cash prize.  The 3rd pitch of the ball resulted in a mad scrambling of players that resembled a wrestling match.  Players had to be separated and under the pile was a single U10 girl player, wrapped completely around the ball.  This 3rd player drew the ticket for the $1000 cash prize.  The winners are as follows:

1st Prize Winner (2017 Volvo XC90):   Steve Malcanas, Shaler                    RAFFLE TICKET #3094
2nd Prize Winner ($3000 Cash):           Phillip Veneziano, Mars                    RAFFLE TICKET #0588
3rd Prize Winner ($1000 Cash):           Vincent Bejgrowicz, New Castle       RAFFLE TICKET #0688

Some interesting facts regarding the winners -- all three families are involved in soccer but on different levels.  The Malcanas' son plays varsity school soccer.  Phil Veneziano has three children playing soccer and he also serves as U5 InHouse coach and commissioner for Mars Area Soccer Club.  Vinnie Bejgrowicz is president of Laurel Soccer Club in New Castle.

Also, two of the ticket winners only just bought tickets the week before the drawing.  Vinnie Bejgrowicz stopped by on Wednesday to buy two tickets, only hours after he and his wife returned from an out-of-town trip.  They were unaware of the raffle until that week.  Steve Malcanas was returning on Friday night 10/27 from a week-long work project in Erie, PA.  He called from the highway to learn if the club was still selling tickets at the soccer fields.  He reached the fields with 40-minutes left in the last hour of practices.  Upon paying for three tickets, Steve also said he is so unlucky and never wins anything, that he preferred not to choose his own tickets.  I refused to select his tickets, telling him that I could not live with his loss the next day.  A soccer mom standing nearby at practice agreed to select Steve's tickets.  She randomly drew two tickets from the ticket tote.  Then, a bunch of tickets were fanned out, face-down like a deck of cards and Steve drew the 3rd ticket.  I witnessed this scene but we still don't know if Steve or the soccer mom drew the winning ticket.  His handwriting was debatable on ticket #3094 and I asked him to spell out loud his last name.  I printed the letters under his cursive writing, and joked to him, "Just in case.  If this ticket is drawn tomorrow, I'd like to be able to read your last name."  Steve apologized for his writing and said he was so tired, he really wasn't planning to stop by except that his wife really wanted the car.  This was the ticket drawn from the tumbler for 1st Prize.

Congratulations to all winners.  What chance!  Again to community and soccer families, MASC thanks everyone for their support during the Car Raffle.  

Cristine Henderson
President, Mars Area Soccer Club



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Open Board Positions Effective Dec 2017
by posted 10/30/2017

Open Board Positions (Dec 2017)

Mars Area Soccer Club alternates the voting of elected positions every other year to safeguard the integrity of the club.  Elected positions may be voted between 12 and 24 months.  Some appointed positions are on an annual rotation.  Per MASC Bylaws, elected positions must be published one (1) month prior to election date.  Election date will take place Monday, December 4th at Heritage Creek Clubhouse in Mars, 7:00PM.  Should this date change due to unforeseen circumstances, a new date within the month will be chosen and published.  This announcement will remain on the MASC website until voting commences.

Effective December 2017, the following MASC Board positions are vacant.  Nominated candidates elected or appointed will fill these positions for Spring 2018 season.  A candidate may nominate him/herself provided all criteria below is met.

Elected Positions
-- Board President  (currently held by Cristine Henderson)
-- Board Vice President (previously held by Dan Harmon, now vacant)
-- Board Secretary (currently held by Chris Cronin)
-- Board Travel Commissioner (interim-appointed)
-- Board InHouse Commissioner (currently held by Aaron Wollerton)

Appointed Positions
-- Referee Assignor (currently held by Laura Standish)

Necessary Criteria to fill any position:
1.  PA Clearances per Commonwealth of PA child safety laws
     -- Police Criminal Background Check (free to volunteers)
     -- Child Abuse Background Check (free to volunteers)
     -- Affidavit of Oath (free but must be signed in presence of a notary)
         NOTE:  The Affidavit of Oath serves residents of PA who have lived consecutively for ten (10) years.  If you have
         not lived in PA for ten (10) years consecutively, you must file an FBI background check in lieu of the Oath.

2.  Elected positions of President or Vice President must be candidates who have served the club in some voting position
     capacity such as board member, coach, travel commissioner, age group commissioner for a span of 24 months.

3. Elected or Appointed candidates must disclose any Conflict of Interest for consideration, including:
    -- Hired or serving with an outside community or classic club
    -- Ownership of company that currently serves the club or is seeking service from the club

4. Candidates for positions must be present at the time of the vote.


Candidates may not be considered who are openly pursuing political, religious or self-profit ventures that are not considered in "the good of the game" or appear to serve for other reasons than to safeguard community children in youth sports.

Please contact Cristine Henderson at hendersoncristine@gmail.com with any questions.  To read more about the position duties, please go to the dropdown tab labeled "Our Club", thank you!

Cristine Henderson
President, Mars Area Soccer Club

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