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There are a lot of questions asked via email. Please scroll down this list and see if any of these answers help you. If you cannot find the answer you need, please contact a board member by emailing to . Thanks!

How Do I Register for a Season? - "Registration" tab at the top of this page, or go to our registration page and use your username & passcode to log into the system. If you are new to the program, you will need to create a username & passcode. Save these -- you will need them for each season registration!

How Do I Register for a Season? - "Registration" tab at the top of this page, or go to our registration page and use your username & passcode to log into the system. If you are new to the program, you will need to create a username & passcode. Save these -- you will need them for each season registration!

Where Do I Buy Uniforms?

In-House Jerseys- In-House Navy and Gold Reversible Jerseys may be purchased from our website here.

Travel Jerseys - Travel Jerseys (both the Navy Jersey and the White "alternate" Shirt) may be purchased from Play2Wear Uniform Shop.


(724) 473-8470

Located in the Piazza Plaza
20550 Route 19
Cranberry Twp, PA 16066

Shorts, socks and other equipment can be purchased at other local stores. Pick up your uniform at the store. Do not anticipate that they will call you. They are often very slammed this time of year. Call or drop by is the best way to order or learn if your jersey is ready for pick-up.


Can I Pick My Own Travel Jersey Number? - Sorry, the answer is NO. Jersey numbers if duplicated on the field will cause both players to be ejected by referees. The club specifically alternates numbers per age group to ensure no player wears a duplicated number in that age group. Many numbers are taken. Play2Wear is given direction of jersey numbers by the Club and will let you know the number upon jersey order.

What Equipment Do I Need? - Shin guards, proper cleats, correct size soccer ball (#3 - U5/U6/U7, #4 - U9/U11/U13, #5 - U13 ). In-House reversible jersey required for In-House program with exception to Mini-Martians program which receives its own t-shirt. MASC Travel jersey required for Travel Program U10-U19.

How Do I Get a Refund for Volunteering? - If you paid in advance to opt-out of the volunteer program, but ultimately volunteered for an hour in some capacity, please notify the President at . Companies wishing to donate money or items will also receive sponsorship logo placement on the home page of this Website.

WHEN IS A FULL MEMBER REFUND APPLICABLE? - A full refund will be provided if a player withdraws from a program BEFORE PRACTICES BEGIN and TEAM ROSTER ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE MADE. If a player commits to a program but then willingly pulls out once practices have begun, no refund will provided. Once practices have begun, too many nonrefundable payments based upon headcount - player insurance, team fees, season budgets, etc. - have been made on behalf of that player which prevent the club from issuing a refund. If a player is injured and forced to leave a program during that player's first practice session, a partial refund minus insurance and a percentage of team fee may be considered at the discretion of the discretion of the MASC Board.

HOW MUCH TIME DO I HAVE TO CASH A CHECK FROM MASC? - You have only as long as the Mars Nat'l Bank will accept it, which is six months from the date the check was issued (not received).  Checks that are not cashed before they expire are final.  This is to prevent members from coming to the club many years later with a check claim which at that point is not built-in to the expenses and budgets already allocated for improvements or contracted training, etc.

How Do I Pay for My Child's Registration? - Go on-line at www.marssoccer.org/registration and follow the seven steps of registering. The last step is the payment step for credit card users. If you wish to pay by check, send a check made to Mars Area Soccer Club, and mail to the same, at P.O. Box 610. Mars 16046. MASC exercises a NO PAY, NO PLAY policy.

Where Do I Send a Copy of My Child's Birth Certificate - Make a copy and send it to MASC, P.O. Box 610, Mars 16046. Or, you can also scan the b-cert and attach it to an email. Send the email to our Registrar, .

Can My Child Play Up or Play Down an Age Group? - NO CHILD MAY PLAY DOWN AN AGE GROUP per U.S. Youth Soccer & FIFA Rules. Also, Mars Area Soccer Club does not endorse Play-Up in the In-House program. Play-Up may not be recommended or requested by the parent. In unusual cases, a coach may make a recommendation and the player is then discussed/assessed by the Age Group Commissioners of both the given age group and the age group above. If all agree, the situation is presented to the President of the Club. The President is the only individual in the Club to approve Play Up and parent must sign a play-up consent form which will be given at the time of approval.

Where Can I Apply for Background Clearances? - Go to the "COACHES" tab above and scroll down to "Clearances".

Which Age Group is My Child In? - Use the Age Group Chart under the PROGRAMS tab, above. The Age Chart is provided by the U.S. Youth Soccer, the national org for which this club is licensed and the national branch of FIFA. The Age Group Chart is the same one used in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Can I Make Special Requests for Coaches or Teams? - Yes. Explain your reason by using the comment box in your child's PLAYER PROFILE when registering your child for a season. We do not guarantee the request will be granted, however. Sometimes, your practice preference day and the coach practice day are different. Or, that coach has moved to a different age group and no longer applies to your child's age group, etc.

When Are Games and Practices? - Use the "Scheduling" tab at the left column. Please bear with us as this website is new and we are still working on the content. The Coach will also announce schedules and games.

What is difference between In-House and Travel? - In-House is considered "recreational" soccer. There are no scores or standings posted. In-House teams do not travel outside the Club's fields with exception of the In-House U10 program, where mini-travel with a neighboring club is often granted. On the other hand, Travel soccer is competitive with game wins and losses. Scores and standings are publicly posted. Teams are granted the right to elevate to higher skilled divisions and compete in tournaments that are district, region and state wide. Competitive teams may be visited and assessed by college or military recruiters.

How do I send photo of my child?

Does the concession stand duty during the season fulfill the volunteer option?

When is registration?

When is early registration?

When does the late fee apply?

When are evaluations?

Does my child need to attend the evaluations?

Is training available?

Are summer camps available?

When and where are the board meetings?

How do I become a coach or assistant coach?