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In the past, there has been some confusion regarding the volunteer requirements of parents.

We are a nonprofit club run COMPLETELY by the efforts of volunteers.

ALL PARENTS must help to run the concession stand that is open every weekend to serve our families & guests. One parent is needed for every team that rosters one of your players, for the duration of ONE soccer game per season. For travel teams, concession stand work will only involve HOME games which is 50% of the travel schedule! Your individual coach or team manager may choose to separate concession duty time into TWO HALVES of a soccer game, rather than one entire game.

Parents are also required to choose one volunteer position from the categories listed below.

In this case, if you are unable to fulfill one of the positions below, you may pay an opt-out fee of $40 when you register your player. The opt-out fee is only paid ONCE per season, no matter how many players you register. If you do not choose a category, the registration system will automatically charge the fee to your account.

Positions that include voting rights are governed by rules outlined by PA-West or by MASC and can be further reviewed in the Club bylaws. Please see the "documents" category under the Main Menu at left of webpage. If there is ANY category below in which you have some first-hand knowledge or experience, please help us out to make this club a stronger one for our players & community!

Volunteer Positions

  • Board Members -- [ELECTED POSITIONS - reserve the right to vote.] Positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, In-House Registrar, Travel Registrar, In-House Commissioner, Travel Commissioner/Field Assignor.
  • Volunteer Coordinator -- [APPOINTED POSITION - reserves the right to vote.] Communicates to club for all volunteer needs, arranges days/times for specific volunteer group days (ie, Field Maintenance Day), informs any needs/changes to be made by Board on behalf of volunteers.
  • In-House Age Group Commissioner -- [APPOINTED POSITIION - reserves the right to vote.] Determines number of teams per age group with In-House Coordinator, forms team rosters, recruits players and coaches if necessary, communicates and works with In-House Coordinator for any situation involving that age group.
  • Travel Age Group Commissioner -- [APPOINTED POSITION - reserves the right to vote.] Determines number of teams per age group with Travel Coordinator, determines skill division per team within that age group, forms team rosters, recruits players and coaches if necessary, communicates and works with Travel Coordinator for any situation involving that particular age group.
  • Referee Assignor -- [APPOINTED POSITION - reserves the right to vote.] Coordinates and schedules referees for In-House and Travel games, help to determine ref payment rates, determines the need for additional referees, schedules or informs of classes for any entry level certification, re-certification or "bridge" classes for referees to move into higher levels of reffing.
  • Risk Management Coordinator -- [ELECTED POSITION - reserves the right to vote.] Ensures that all persons within the club who are interacting with players have taken and cleared the PA-West "Act 33/34" Security Background Check, reviews and informs the Board of any situation that may prevent a volunteer from having player interaction.
  • Concession Day Manager -- open/close stand, coordinate volunteers for the day.
  • Field Maintenance Manager -- Determines all needs for preparation of fields, from volunteer maintenance days, assessing line painting & hiring line painters, communicates seasonal needs for field rejuvenation and needs to ensure safety for the players.
  • Field Maintenance Volunteer -- field prep, periodic weed trimming, shed painting, etc.
  • Photo Day Assistant [IN-HOUSE ONLY] -- Coordinate day/timing with photographer, communicate info to club members, assist photographer on photo day.
  • Coaching -- Head Coach & Assistant Coach positions.
  • Team Manager -- Handles all game info for team and communicates weekly game times, directions for AWAY games in Travel Program, etc. to the team. May determine concession stand schedule for parents of players.
  • Community Contract Negotiation -- Can be more than one volunteer. Works with Mars Home for Youth to negotiate annual lease contract, or work with Mars Area Schools to secure stadium or other facility usage, etc.
  • Committee Member -- committees include club merchandising, business marketing, clean-up crew (weekly garbage on field or even a clean-out of the sheds!), Lost 'n Found (the stuff at the concession stand is getting out of hand).
  • Trainer Housing -- One of the most fulfilling & generous offers. The trainers we bring in are semi-pro or college players, usually from England and here on an "internship" program if they qualify through their colleges. They have security background checks through the program. Any family offering to house them can do so for as few or as many weeks as they choose during the 8-week season. Trainers are already provided with transportation and some allowance for food.... but a home cooked meal and a home atmosphere is highly coveted & appreciated by the trainers who are basically students themselves.

If you have any questions about volunteering with MASC, please contact Dan Harmon, MASC Vice President.

Thank you so much for your volunteer time! MASC is only as good as its volunteer effort. Your time given serves our most important member -- the player!

The MASC Board