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NOTE: The registration costs shown below reflect your TOTAL COST FOR REGISTRATION including the Family Membership Fee - a $40 Fee assessed once per family per season for In-House and Travel players. When registering more than one In-House or Travel player, a $40 discount will be automatically applied for each additional player. Your final registration cost will include:

  • League / Program Registration Fee
  • Early Bird Discount (through Jan 31st),
  • Late Fee (for Travel only after Feb 15th)
  • Family Membership Fee. The Family Membership Fee is assessed ONCE per Family per Season for In-House and Travel players. Additional In-House and Travel registrations will receive an automatic $40 discount at check-out.
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SPRING 2019 REGISTRATION! Registration is now open for the Spring 2019 In-House, Travel, and Mini-Martian Programs! Games will begin in early April with practices starting one to two weeks or so before the first games... weather permitting. Travel teams will be formed in mid March and In-House teams will be formed in mid-to-late March with all players being placed on teams on a first-registered, first-served basis. For Travel, further priority is given to players returning from the Fall season.

TRY-OUTS:The Mars Area Soccer Club does NOT hold try-outs for its Mini-Martians, In-House, or Travel teams. However, teams wishing to participate at the state-wide Division 3 or Division 4 levels may have try-outs in keeping with PA West Youth rules to ensure all players have a fair and equal opportunity to make the team roster. All Division 3 and Division 4 teams follow statewide PA West Youth playing rules. Community teams registered for Division 3 will play on Saturdays as per Division 3 / Classic Youth Playing Rules. Players may only participate on one team per skill division regardless of which or how many PA West clubs they are registered with, per PA West Youth Playing Rules. All Division 3 & 4 teams from all clubs are eligible to play at State Cup.


REGISTRATION FEES OVERVIEW: The total Registration cost for each season with the Mars Area Soccer Club consists of the Family Membership Fee (assessed once per family per season), the Player Registration Fees (assessed once per player per season), the Early Registration Discount (assessed once per player per season when applicable), and the Late Registration Fee (for Travel only, assessed once per player per season when applicable). Discounts and refunds off the Registration costs are also available for a variety of approved volunteer activities. These discounts can be issued as either a credit to your account, a refund check issued during or following the season, or an electronic refund to your credit card. (Electronic Refunds will be assessed a 5.5 % transaction fess.) All registration costs must be paid in full prior to the start of the season.

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP FEE: All registered families, with the exception of those participating exclusively in the MINI-MARTIANS program, will be assessed a Family Membership Fee of $40 once per family (not per player) per season. Further details are available here.

EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT! Now through January 31st at 11:59PM, you can register players at a $5 discount per player. Regular registration fees will apply beginning February 1st at 11:59PM.

LATE-FEE (TRAVEL ONLY): FOR TRAVEL PLAYERS ONLY, a late fee of $25 per player will be applied beginning February 16th. Players registering on or after this date may be placed on a wait list if room does not exist on current travel teams until a place on a team becomes available.

REGISTRATION CLOSE: Registration will close on March 1st for Travel players and March 15th for In-House players. In-House and Travel Players interested in registering after this date must contact the club to check on team availabilities.


The Mini-Martians Program is available for players born in - .

Registration:..........................$60 (through March 15th)

Late Registration:.................All players registering after March 15th may be
.................................................placed on a wait list. Players on the wait list will placed on teams as space permits.

For more information about the Mini-Martians Program, click here.


The In-House Program is available for players born in - .

Early Registration:................$70 (through January 31st)

Regular Registration:..........$75 (February 1st through March 15th)

Late Registration:.................$75 (March 15th through March 31st.
.................................................All players registering after March 15th will be
.................................................placed on a wait list. Players on the wait list will placed on teams as space permits.

For more information about the In-House Program, click here.


The Travel Program is available for players born in -

Early Registration:...............$105 (through January 31st at 11:59PM)

Regular Registration:.........$110 (February 1st through February 15th at 11:59PM)

Late Registration:................$135 (February 16th through February 28th)

.................................................All players registering after February 28th will be
.................................................placed on a wait list. Players on the wait list will placed on teams as space permits.


For more information about the Travel Program, click here.



A Family Membership Fee of $40 will be charged once per family per season upon registration in either our In-House or Travel Soccer leagues. This Family Membership Fee is used to help cover operational costs not provided for through the vital volunteerism of our members. Families participating exclusively in the Mini-Martians (U4) Program are EXEMPT from the Family Membership Fee and will not charged this $40 upon registration.

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP FEE REFUND: The $40 Family Membership Fee will be refunded to members who complete at least a minimum of one hour of volunteer-refund-specific service during the season. The list volunteer positions eligible for a refund of the Family Service Fee, an overview of the responsibilities of each position, and an estimate of the time required for each position can be found on Volunteer Page here. Please note, serving in the Concession Stand as part of your Team Concession Stand Duty is not eligible for the Family Membership Fee refund. (See below.) Please also note, as the Family Membership Fee is assessed once per season per family, it can only be refunded once per season per family.

Members may choose which positions for which they would like to volunteer during the registration process of their player(s).

Once registration is completed, submitted, and all registration fees are paid, volunteers will be contacted by the MASC Board with opportunities to fulfill those volunteer roles. Generally, volunteers who fulfill the position during the FIRST HALF of the season (in the first 4-weeks) will be refunded electronically or by mail after the fourth week of the season. Likewise, volunteers fulfilling the position during the SECOND HALF of season will generally receive their refund electronically or by mail following the close of the season.

Not all positions listed on the Volunteer Page are available every season. Additionally, there are occassional special opportunities for volunteering that may become available during a season such as manning the Mars Area Soccer Club tent during Adams Township Community Day, the MHY Harvest Fest, Mars Apple Fest, or the Mars New Year. In such cases, members will receive notice of such opportunities by email.

All volunteer must be approved by an authorized Board member for their Family Membership Fee to be refunded.

Service as a Board Member, Coach, or Team Manager represents the most trusted positions within the Mars Area Soccer Club, and these positions have limited availability. As such, not everyone who volunteers for these positions will necessarily be selected.

TEAM CONCESSION STAND DUTY: Every team MUST provide ONE (1) representative each week for Concession Stand Duty by helping to prepare and sell concession items. This representative will serve for one half of that week's game. Serving in this capacity is not considered eligible for the Family Service Fee Refund as it only requires half a game's time (20-24 minutes.) However, Concession Stand Openers & Closers positions, as they require more time and effort, ARE eligible for the refund.


Additional discounts are offered for those who fulfill in goodwill the following appointed positions: Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Age Group Coordinators, and Board Members. This additional discount will be based on the highest discount of the volunteer positions for the highest registration fee of all registered children. It will be applied ONCE per family regardless of how many children are registered or how many positions for which one has volunteered.


Board Members:......................................$25 (Discount) PLUS the $40 (Family Membership Fee)

Head Coaches & AGCs:........................$25 (Discount) PLUS the $40 (Family Membership Fee)

Assistant Coaches & Team Mgrs:.......$15 (Discount) PLUS the $40 (Family Membership Fee)


Board Members:......................................$25 (Discount) PLUS the $40 (Family Membership Fee)

Head Coaches & AGCs:........................$25 (Discount) PLUS the $40 (Family Membership Fee)

Assistant Coaches:.................................$15 (Discount) PLUS the $40 (Family Membership Fee)


Payment must be received prior to the first game of the season or players will not be permitted to practice or participate in games. Player passes will be withheld weekly until payment is submitted. Thank you in advance for making payment on time.


A full refund can be provided if a player withdraws from a program BEFORE PRACTICES BEGIN. If a player commits to a program but then willingly pulls out once practices have begun, no refund is provided. Once practices have begun, too many nonrefundable payments based upon headcount - player insurance, team fees, season budgets, etc. - have been made on behalf of that player which prevent the club from issuing a refund. If a player is injured and forced to leave a program during that player's first practice session, a partial refund minus insurance and a percentage of team fee may be considered at the discretion of the MASC Board.


IN-HOUSE SOCCER:  For questions regarding the In-House Soccer Program, please contact Tom Wolski, the In-House Commissioner, at 

TRAVEL SOCCER:  For questions regarding the Travel Soccer Program, please contact the Travel Commissioner at


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