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Online Registration Explained

Parents, you may now use our website to register your children for either the Mars Soccer Area Recreational or Travel programs. You can even pay your registration fees online with your credit card. This system is entirely secure ... no need to worry about sensitive credit card data. Best yet, once you enter your contact information and player data, you'll never have to enter it again. It'll be there when you return for registration season after season.

The Online Registration process works like this:

Parents must become an online member of our website first before they can gain access to the Online Registration module. (See BECOME AN ONLINE MEMBER link on the left-side menu.)

Once parents successfully join as an online member of the site (by creating a username and password), they login and click on the ONLINE REGISTRATION link under the Online Members-Only section.

The parent is then presented with a four step menu, described briefly here:

  1. First, update the parent's contact information.
  2. Maintain a player list by adding players to your list or modifying players as necessary.
  3. Then, register players in your player list for a soccer program.
  4. Lastly, pay your registration fee via Paypal, Visa, or MasterCard.

NOTE: the Online Registration system uses small popup boxes to collect the registration data. Users of the Online Registration system must turn off their popup blockers and must have cookies enabled.